Weight Loss Surgery in Lebanon

Advanced BMI Weight Loss Clinic in Lebanon offers several medical and surgical weight loss options for those who are looking to dramatically reduce their weight and remove the excess fat. You’ve Probably made several attempts to take control of your weight through diet and exercise. But for many, that is not enough.


The following are the weight loss surgery options that are performed at Advanced BMI  using the laparoscopic approach:


We also specialize in:


Not every person is a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery. Sometimes, a Medical Weight Loss Program (without surgery) is sufficient. To determine if you are candidate or not, you can visit this page (Am I Candidate?) or fill out the Patient Questionnaire to get a precise answer from the doctors.

If you are a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery, and don’t know which surgery is best for you, fill out the Patient Questionnaire, and our doctors will help you decide.


What Makes Advanced-BMI Different?


  • A dedicated, fully trained staff in bariatric medicine and surgical services
  • One of the few practices with expertise in all bariatric procedures: gastric bypass, sleeve, band, gastric plication, duodenal switch, revisional surgery…
  • Psychological evaluation and support
  • Pre-operative education
  • Nutritional counseling and follow-up
  • Exercise & fitness guidance programs
  • Behavioral health tools & guidelines
  • Continuing patient education
  • A long-term follow-up program